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Listing and Market Coverage

Deploy MSR’s targeting the retail universe each having an exclusive region for
optimization of the resources.

Each MSR will have a 6 day work week with a 6 day cycle. This means he will have 6 different routes and each route will have 30 different outlets that he will visits each day.

After the sixth day he will begin his cycle again.

This means that he will visit the same outlet atleast 4 times a month performing each or all of the following tasks: –

  • Listing or resale your brands
  • Putting up POS or replacing old POS material
  • Merchandising the stocks in the outlets

The unique visits and successful calls are all monitored on our live portal and we are able to make judgement on success rates for early intervention.

Live Sales Tracking, growth and feedback

Our continuous success is based on two principles;

  • Increasing the numeric foot print
  • Increasing the brand width in each outlet

This is done by monitoring the purchase patterns of each outlet through our live portal

Collection of feedback from the consumer and trader and sharing with client.

Breaking bulk for traders who might want to try the new brand

Incentives to MSRs are based on your company KPIs and could include outlet activation and average drop sizes to ensure that there is consistent sales value growth.

POS Deployment

They also put up POS material at points that are visible on the face of the outlets
and tagged on our application for accountability to show outlets by name that have POS and sell in trends noted.


After we sell we ensure that your brands are well merchandised and visible to the consumers

Market storms

Carry out market storms to create a larger impact on brand awareness which also accelerates the listing of the brand in the market

Trade Offers

We are able to carryout trade offers for targeted brands that you stock.

We monitor these stock offers live and are able to feedback on the effectiveness and if need be make changes