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The Kaskazi Network is a retail distribution company that organises this large and very diversified retail market/ traditional trade into manageable pockets served, managed and grown volumetrically and numerically by our Motorbike Sales Representatives (MSR’s) through cyclical sales activities.

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Retail Distribution & Marketing

The Retail Outlets in Kenya average over 100,000 in number with an average daily purchase of Kshs. 3,000 presenting a market share potential of over Kshs 7.5 billion per month in sales experienced in this market if accessibility to these outlets is efficient and effective.

Retail Census

Kaskazi Network Ltd carries out a retail census periodically. Our retail census information acts as a planning enforcement tool to your company to guide in the deployment of optimal resources in areas where your brand is targeting and also give you knowledge of the Universe and how it is spread across the country.

Enhanced Visibility

Kaskazi Network Ltd provides enhanced visibility services countrywide through putting up your Point Of Sale or Display Material in your targeted outlets to ensure it stands out from competitors.

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Our objective is to build consumer awareness and increase preference for Clients’ brand.

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